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El Gebaly Valencia Oranges

Feb 2013

From February till end of May, our premium branded Valencia oranges "El Gebaly & Luxor" famous for its juice, freshness and quality are now available in the major supermarkets in Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Read More

Fruit Logistica, Berlin 2013

Feb 2013

El Gebaly Fruit Company participated in the Fruit Logistica, Berlin 2013 exhibition. The company has showcased its premium quality fresh produce and established new business relationships during this event. Read More

Fruit Logistica Berlin

Feb 2011

Demonstrating its global presentence, El Gebaly Fruit Company participated in Fruit Logistica Berlin 2011. Read More

El Gebaly Navel Oranges

Dec 2012

We wish all our consumers a Happy & Prosperous New Year !!!! Our premium branded navel oranges "El Gebaly & Luxor" famous for its quality, freshness and taste are now available Read More

Asia Fruit Logistica Sep.2012

Sep 2012

El Gebaly Fruit Company successfully participated in Asia Fruit Logistica from the 5th till the 7th of September 2012 in Hong Kong. Read More

New Citrus Season 2012-2013

Dec 2012

El Gebaly Fruit Company announced the start of its new citrus season 2012-2013. Read More

World Food Moscow Sep.2012

Sep 2012

El Gebaly Fruit Company participated in World Food Moscow from the 17th till the 20th of September 2012. The company¡¯s pavilion was modern design and new in concept with a simple natural impact. Read More

Fruit Logistica Berlin Feb 2012

Feb 2012

Among the leading international fresh produce companies, El Gebaly Fruit Company participated in Fruit Logistica Berlin 2012, Read More

El Gebaly Fruit Company at Asia Fruit Logistica

Sep 2011

El Gebaly Fruit Company participated in Asia Fruit Logistica exhibition, Asia's leading trade show for the international fresh fruit and vegetable business. Read More

El Gebaly Fruit Company at World Food Moscow Exhibition

Sep 2011

El Gebaly Fruit Company participated in World Food Moscow, one of the largest food and beverage events in Russia, which took place in Moscow, Russia, Food and beverage companies from over the world participated in this exhibition. Read More

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